If you suffer from chronic physical pain, you understand the significant impact it can have on your life. Simply trying to perform everyday tasks creates an undue amount of stress and pressure. Chronic pain that is unable to be diagnosed and unresponsive to traditional medical treatments could be the result of a mind-body condition known as tension myositis syndrome. The condition occurs when repressed emotions cause an activation of the autonomic nervous system. This createsRead More
Many people fall into the pattern of being people pleasers without realizing what they are doing. It often starts out as simply being helpful and doesn’t feel like a problem because you enjoy doing things for others. Sometimes you say “yes” out of habit, and other times you derive a strong sense of satisfaction from feeling that you are needed. People-pleasers take helpfulness to the extreme by constantly putting the needs of others ahead ofRead More
Como Sanar el Espondilitis Anquilosante Naturalmente Que tal, mi nombre es Rafael Llenas Ruiz. Muchos me conocen simplemente como Ralph Ruiz. En este corto video le voy a decir cómo yo me sane de una enfermedad bien grave conocida como espondilitis anquilosante. Antes de empezar le informo que este documento es solamente para compartir información. Este documento no es para serviles como cura, diagnostico, ni tratamiento de ninguna índole. Para servicios de salud por favorRead More
Disclaimer: This post is for information use only. It is not intended to treat, diagnose, cure or alter any medical health condition you may or may not have. For medical advice and treatment please speak to your doctor. Ankylosing Spondylitis and Why You Might Need a Psychotherapist The Mind-Body Connection When I first started coaching people with Ankylosing Spondylitis I was helping them find relief using a holistic approach which consisted of diet, exercise andRead More
Can you imagine a life so filled with physical pain that day-to-day functions seemed impossible? What if this pain continued for years and medical intervention was unable to provide any type of relief? Unfortunately, for many people, this is the reality of their lives. Severe chronic pain and illness can limit your ability to perform job functions, care for your loved ones, and can even make sitting, standing, and moving feel like torture. When medicalRead More
When pain has become a persistent part of your life, you may find that you are missing work, unable to get a good night’s sleep, and constantly in a state of physical discomfort and mental irritability.  I often work with clients who are suffering from chronic pain and observe first-hand how it can negatively impact their quality of life and overall well-being. Chronic pain is usually initially caused by a physical condition such as anRead More
How I Healed From Ankylosing Spondylitis Symptoms (Revised December 20, 2016) I consider myself lucky! There are many people in advanced stages who have suffered way too much dealing with Ankylosing Spondylitis pain. I suffered for 9 years, but that is nothing compared to those who lost it all in the shadows of their disease…. Disclaimer: This article is for blogging purposes only. it is not meant to treat or diagnose any disease you may or mayRead More