For the average human that likes to do well.

Who is an Average Human?

Some perceive it as a profound and intriguing display of humility.

Others may see it as something much deeper than that. Yet one thing that can never be denied about the average human.

Is that there is something captivating and elegant about a human being that knows that there is more to themself than their career, their titles, their social status, and achievements.

The Average human is someone that may or may not have reached the top of the mountain and yet is grounded enough to know that there is more to life than climbing mountains.

What is the Average Human Club?

The Average Human Club is a mastermind group of average humans that come together and celebrate life.

We make the conscious choice to explore our inner worlds for deeper self-compassion, discovery, and exploration.

We collectively navigate and openly engage in philosophical conversations that nourish the mind, we share stress management techniques that heal the physical body, and we learn from each other interpersonal skills that rekindle and enhance the warmth of love in our social lives and relationships.

What does the Average Human Club do?


The Average Human Club meets twice a month on a biweekly basis online.

During our call we bring to the discussion table our current challenges with our social life, love life, career, and overall well-being.

As we discuss these challenges, we explore our individual inner world to uncover any limiting beliefs, unconscious fears, and obstacles that may be getting in the way of dissolving the challenge at hand.

The goal is to absorb, learn, and leave every Average Human Club meeting feeling empowered, confident, focused, and realigned with ourselves and our life purpose, allowing us to go out into the world better equipped to face further challenges that may arise during our day to day life.

Who is the Average Human Club for?

Well, if you believe that you are an average human with dreams, aspirations and goals, and you also like to do well in life then the Average Human Club is for you.

Regardless of how much or how little you have already achieved, the Average Human Club can potentially enhance your life in ways you never thought possible.

I welcome you to the Average Human Club and may your journey of growth and self-discovery continue to be a pleasant and fruitful one.

Who joins the Average Human Club?

The perfectionist seeking to reduce their level of stress and manage their productivity level more effectively with greater ease.

The high achiever aiming to reconnect to their zone of satisfaction and fulfillment.

The striver looking for greater clarity and focus on what they truly want to bring into the world.

The people-pleaser who struggles to say no and wishes to learn how to set healthy boundaries without feeling guilty about it afterward.

The dreamer who knows they can accomplish all they want and more if only they had a little more confidence to move forward. The lover who seeks to find a partner to share and experience life with.

The entrepreneur who wants to go from “willing to do whatever it takes” to succeed, to know exactly how to get there.

The introvert who has so much express, to express and all they need is a way to express the gift they hold within that can potentially change the world forever.

The lone ranger who seeks a tribe, a group of people who can help them focus and stay motivated working towards their goals and aspirations.

Last but not least, the average human who seeks nothing more than further light and self-discovery.

Who else joins the Average Human Club?

Chronic pain sufferers who have successfully connected the dots and understand the link between chronic pain, repressed negative emotions, and the personality traits that fuel chronic pain.

People who are looking for a way to motivate themselves to pursue their dreams without force as well as have meaningful relationships without going back to the habit of repressing their true feelings, thoughts, and views of the world.

In other words, human beings who want to learn how to live more fully without relapsing back into having chronic pain symptoms.

Why celebrate average?

We are all born complete, in our natural glory. Since the moment we enter this earth we all carry within us a natural effortless state of curiosity, joy, love, and wonder.

As we get older, we start to receive messages from the world and our caregivers that somehow, we can improve what is already born complete, ourselves!

From that point what we begin to do is disown and push away parts of ourselves that are essential in maintaining our livelihood, happiness, and overall well being.

Public opinion subliminally engrains in us the belief that if we are to be loved we must do better in school, at work, achieve more than our neighbors, and reach the highest levels of achievement possible.

As if our natural-born essence simply isn’t good enough.

Now the question is, how many of us were taught to celebrate who we truly are first?

How many of us were taught to love and embrace who we were before the world told us to be “better”?

How many of us were taught to honor the part of us that the world taught us was average?

In The Average Human club we celebrate our wholeness first and then explore our parts.

We embrace who we were born to be and then express whatever else we can be.

We honor what the world told us was average in us and then we live out how extraordinary average actually is.

In other words, the Average Human club gives every human being, regardless of how successful they are, a safe place where they can be themselves and not their title.