The Journey to being Pain-free

I hope you enjoy and really get something out of the latest reading of Healing Back Pain with Dr. Sarno. The first step is to allow yourself to have the feelings without resisting it, venting it, fearing it, condemning it or moralizing about it.

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We will continue our reading of healing back pain written by who I like to call the legendary Dr John E Sarno. Just for you if you are new to it, this book is focused on healing chronic pain treatment using the mind-body connection and we are up to almost ...

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Healing Back Pain with Dr. Sarno

One of the things that is very common out there, even with Dr Sarno’s work, there are 10 daily reminders out there and it’s a list of things that you know some people recite over and over. It’s a daily reminder or weekly reminder that the pain is psychosomatic and ...

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So, let me guess, you were searching the internet far and wide looking for a solution to your chronic back pain? You know, the one that you were told has no solution other than taking some form of strong prescription medication, and even then, chronic pain relief is quite what ...

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