With Master Life Coach Ralph Ruiz you will learn how to remove toxic limiting beliefs, release repressed negative emotions and reconnect with your true authentic self.

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Have you ever been upset after realizing how much you limited yourself during past experiences?

You know you could have done more than you did and for some reason you held back.

You know you could have easily captured the moment and bathed in the glory of it, and for some reason you held back on your abilities.

Now you look back and get angry at yourself because the moment is gone, and you will never get it back.

You know you have so much more to offer, so much more to give to the world and for some reason you can’t seem to do it.

Now the question is, what makes you so sure you aren’t doing it again right now?

How do you know if you are truly currently tapping into your true potential?

How do you know that what you are doing right now is the best you can do?

This is the case for millions of people all around the world.

People who are too afraid of admitting to themselves that they know life is passing them by, and that their chance to live out their dreams is fading with every tick of the clock.

For many, the opportunity of a life time was right in front of them, at the perfect time and the perfect moment. All they had to do was act and make it happen.

So, what got in the way? Was it your perfectionistic personality? Was it your inability to truly express what you think?

Or was it the inability to say “no” to the wrong people and say “yes” to the moment?

Take a minute and reflect, think about what is holding you back today from living the life you want to live.

Is it your bone crushing fear of failure and being exposed for who you truly are inside, or is it your social anxiety that doesn’t allow you to speak your reality into existence?


Over the past couple of years, I have met with hundreds of people who started their journey with the same issues I mentioned before.

Perfectionism, people pleasing, fear of failure, social anxiety, the inability to say “no” and so on.

Every single one of them came to me with a problem that they were certain was the real issue that they wanted to eliminate in their life.

Usually it was chronic pain, an autoimmune disease, or some type of toxic behavior that they knew was getting in the way of their happiness.

Interestingly enough the real problem had more to do with fear and chronic worry than it had to do with their physical ailment.

The real problem was more closely related to the fact that these individuals have so much passion, so much heart, so much potential and talent.

Yet for some strange reason they can’t seem to stop thinking to themselves that they aren’t good enough.

For some strange reason they were too afraid to be on top of the mountain and show the world just how amazing they truly are.

For some strange reason they tried to take one step forward and were too afraid to continue on their desired path.

In short, chronic fear was not only making them chronically sick, it was also making them chronically unhappy.

Now I’m not here to tell you that I can make you happy.

Neither am I here to tell you that I can show you a secret that will change your life forever. What I am here to tell you, is that your fear is bullshit.

Now pause for a second and reflect on that statement.

You already know that your fear is holding you back from living your dream life, you already know it’s affecting your relationships and your health.

Now the question is, did you know that your fear is bullshit?

Did you know that your fear is nothing more than a thought created by a neurological pathway in your brain?

Did you know that you have the power to change that neurological pathway and set yourself free to live the life you want to live?

All you have to do is uncover and destroy the limiting toxic beliefs that are keeping the neurological pathway alive, and at the same time are feeding your negative thoughts in your unconscious mind.

In psychotherapy this is used to heal symptoms of depression, anxiety, phobias, psychosomatic illnesses, chronic pain, social anxiety, and many other debilitating health issues.

Now if it can work to heal the mind and the body, it can definitely work to create inner peace, joy, success, happiness and the life you want to live.


I only work with one type of person and one type of person ONLY, people with chronic pain and autoimmune conditions. Why?

Because they are the most stubborn people I have ever met on the planet.

They do not know how to quit, they do not know how to accept defeat, and most importantly they are highly driven individuals with an insatiable desire to make a positive impact on this planet and change the world forever.

I sometimes jokingly refer to my clients as members of the “knuckle heads club”, and as a proud member of the knuckle heads club myself.

I can say from personal experience that our personalities are the perfect breed needed to make that positive change in the world happen.

My job is not to tell you what to do, our personalities don’t like being told what to do. So, for that reason, my job is to simply empower you with the knowledge, skills and understanding necessary to conquer, create and control every second of your destiny.

Imagine how much more fascinating your life would be after removing all your fears, doubts and worries out of your mind and replacing them with confidence, clarity and creativity.


Over the past couple of years, I have worked and still work with top performers and multi Grammy award winning individuals in the music industry, as well as Real Estate Developers, Investment Bankers and Managing Directors of private banks and top investment firms in Wall Street.

I have also worked with professional athletes, Olympians and Hollywood actors.

All who started their life altering transformation with a desire to heal from some form of chronic health issue.

Little did they know that the side effects of reprogramming their unconscious mind for greater clarity, inner peace and confidence, would result in them becoming better spouses, better parents, better bosses, better leaders, better business men/women and most importantly healthier and happier individuals.

Like I always say, earthly success means absolutely nothing if you do not have the inner peace to go with it and truly enjoy the beauty of life.

With more clarity the successful business owner will learn how to get more out of their industry, while at the same time creating opportunities that they may not currently believe are possible.

With more creativity the entrepreneur, artist and developer will be able to express their vision and mission for the near future with greater ease and clarity.

With more confidence the individual on a never-ending quest for growth, self-empowerment and improvement is able to pursue their desired outcome without any hesitation or fear of failure.

This allows them to greatly increase their chances of success.


During the three months of my “Ralphitness Elite Partner Life Coaching Program” you will learn how to become the best version of you that you can possibly be with the following Elite Partner Program Features:

  • 12 one-on-one private sessions with Master Life Coach Ralph Ruiz
  • Unlimited contact and support via text and email
  • Unlimited access to the “Ralphitness Elite Online Program” and Group Conference Calls
  • Uncover and remove toxic negative beliefs
  • Increase your sense of well-being and inner peace
  • Reprogram your mind for a deep transformational experience
  • Learn revolutionary stress management techniques
  • Effectively reduce chronic pain & autoimmune disease symptoms

This program is accessible by invitation and referral only.

To sign up to this program you can email me directly using the contact form on this page below…

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Once I receive your request we will schedule an online interview to determine if we are a good fit to work together.

If it turns out that we are a good fit, I will contact you with a formal invitation and a possible starting date that comfortably fits both of our schedules.

You can pay upfront or enroll in a payment plan that fits your specific needs.

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